National Honor Society Inducts 48

March 31, 2015


2015 National Honor Society Inductees

2015 National Honor Society Inductees

By Megan Phillips, Communications Intern

In a ceremony that highlighted the National Honor Society characteristics of scholarship, leadership, character, and service, current members tapped 13 seniors and 35 juniors as inductees into the organization, which recognizes outstanding high school students.

Headmaster Ellis Haguewood welcomed parents, teachers, and students to Hyde Chapel for the ceremony March 27.

“A high grade-point average alone does not qualify a student for membership in the society,” Haguewood said. “He must also make voluntary contributions to the school and community. He must exhibit leadership as a positive influence on his peers.”

Dr. David Jackson, chairman of the Religion Department and head of the National Honor Society committee, introduced the four student speakers, all seniors, who lit candles representing the NHS characteristics distinguishing the well-rounded inductees.

“Light has long been a symbol of dispelling the darkness of ignorance and evil, and it is the symbol of the National Honor Society as well,” he said.

Yunhua Zhao led the speeches with his definition of scholarship, describing the limitless facets of erudition. “Scholarship is often defined as ‘the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of knowledge.’ That ought to be part of the drive and motivation, but so should the benefit of others,” Zhao said. He quoted Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, discussing the everlasting effect of scholarship, and Alexander Pope, the 18th-century English poet, admonishing scholars to “drink deep, or taste not the Pierian Spring.”

“A scholar pursues relentlessly what he loves,” Zhao said. “If he wishes to learn something, he will dedicate himself to it, immerse himself within it. For just a brief dip in the vast ocean of knowledge may instead prove to be detrimental.”

Zhao attributed his most essential understanding of scholarship to history and social studies instructor Mr. Jonathan Large: “Scholarship is the disciplined pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness through study and contemplation.”

Jack Gray began his speech about leadership quoting American statesman John Quincy Adams: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader,” he said.

Gray recalled how a junior lacrosse teammate inspired him his freshman year. The upperclassman demonstrated leadership by crediting every player, including Gray, for his support for the team.

“I had been feeling worthless all season because I hadn’t been playing at all, and in an instant I felt like I had really contributed,” Gray said. “What I hope we can all learn is that our greatest leader must be ourselves. You must inspire yourself, you must be the first to step forward and start the task.” Ending his commemorative speech, Gray emphasized the group quality of leadership, saying, “Decide what you think is right, and do it. I promise you won’t be alone for long.”

Next Griffin Wilson approached the podium with a speech concerning the importance of character. Wilson noted founding father Benjamin Franklin’s assessment of his own character, finding himself “so much fuller of faults than I had imagined.” Not only are humans innately imperfect, Wilson agreed, but each individual carries a different notion of character. Wilson described the Grangerford and Shepherdson families in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and the corrupt honor that leads them into an incomprehensible blood-feud.

“On the contrary, Jim, a runaway slave accompanying Huck, shows true character as he always looks out for Huck while floating down the river,” Wilson said. “A strong moral character provides a foundation by which we can endure the hardships of life.”

He concluded by quoting Lord Alfred Tennyson’s poem Ulysses, encouraging his listeners to be “strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

As the last speaker before the tapping of new members, Alex Carruthers described his vision of service. “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth,” Carruthers said, expounding on heavyweight fighter Muhammad Ali’s words by saying it is the duty of each citizen to serve others and the community.

“It had always been a burden to me,” Carruthers admitted, recounting his experience as a seventh-grader coerced to volunteer for community service projects. However, he said he learned the value of service as he was exposed to community problems and people in need. He recalled a recent experience tutoring a 13-year-old and the gratification he felt when the boy smiled at his newfound understanding of the material. Bringing to a close his revelations of the benefits of service, Carruthers noted, “Anyone can do it. Service is genuine when done not for awards and recognition, but rather for others.”

The ceremony continued with the tapping of new members and the presentation of certificates, while proud parents watched their sons receive their honors. Haguewood concluded the ceremony by commending the inductees and inviting them to a reception in their honor, where family members, faculty, and friends congratulated them on their accomplishments.

To see photos from the ceremony and reception, click HERE.

2015 National Honor Society Inductees

Connor Austin Whitson

Grant William Stevenson

Richard Preston Asher Roberts

Jackson Paige Pacheco

Chandler Mims Clayton

Thomas McMurray Morrison

John David Hawkins

Thomas McMurray Garrott V

Reed Taylor Barnes

Philip Hayden Freeburg, Jr.

Grayson Andrew Lee

Andrew Allan McArtor, Jr.

Bilal Sohail Siddiq

Loyal Patrick Murphy

Joseph Christian Schneiter

William Forester Colerick

Thomas Keller Fowlkes

Nathan Ngoc-Lam Dinh

Samuel Edwin Bartz

Austin Lawrence Hord

Keltner Tucker Colerick

Eric Fidel Makapugay

Saatvik Mohan

Walter Patton Orr

Alexander Edward Creson

Connor Morgan Wright

William Neal McAtee, Jr.

Jeffrey Zheng

Daniel Laurence Tancredi

Alexander Victor Mansour

David William Dabov

William McDaniel Hays

Zachary David Shulkin

Ethan Soldan Pretsch

Matthew Thomas Kruczek

Matthew Stuart Davidoff

William Power Rantzow

Henry Carr Keel

Colin Marshall Threlkeld

Russell William Sands

Owen Thomas Galvin

Jackson McGavock Dickinson

Caleb Joyner Taylor

Henry Thomas Stratton III

William Thomas Fesmire

Connor Miles Truitt

Jack Eden Hirschman

Matthew Peter Fuess

National Honor Society Members Previously Inducted

James Alexander Carruthers

Jack Mitchell Christenbury

Baty Proctor Daniel

James Nichols DiMento

Andrew Elsakr

William Byers Farnsworth

John Sutherland Gray

Xavier Alexander Greer

Jefferson Bayless Guenther

Theodore Emerson Helmhout

Farris Scott Henderson

Michael Thomas Jacobs

Bradley Allen Jarratt

Ahmed Mahfooz Latif

Stewart Dixon Love

Nicholas Rodes Manley

Hayden Lewis Meacham

William Henry Merriman

Max Alan Meyer

George Hays Moreland

James Lawrence Mullins

Nevin A. Naren

Roberto Guadalupe Olvera

Richard Lizhou Ouyang

Michael Lyon Reddoch, Jr.

Andrew Cook Shelton

Hamid Ali Khan Shirwany

Alexander Sherman Tabor

Arnav Saroj Thakur

Zachary Thomas Walker

Wendell Zackery Whicker

Preston Nathaniel White

Andrew Griffin Wilson

Frederick Tyler Wolf

Yunhua Zhao




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