National Honor Society Inducts 50

March 22, 2016

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2016 National Honor Society inductees

2016 National Honor Society inductees

In a March 18 ceremony that highlighted the National Honor Society tenets of scholarship, leadership, character, and service, current members tapped 10 seniors and 40 juniors as inductees into the organization, which recognizes outstanding high school students.

Following Headmaster Ellis Haguewood’s welcome, Dr. David Jackson, chairman of the Religion Department and head of the National Honor Society committee, introduced the four student speakers, all seniors, who lit candles representing the NHS characteristics.

Patton Orr spoke on scholarship, highlighting the importance of following one’s inquisitiveness: “As Emerson said, ‘The one thing in the world, of value, is the active soul.’ … The notion of scholarship flows from this idea of intellectual vitality. As students, we must not approach our learning with passivity. By following our natural curiosity, we can fulfill our potential as students, as learners, and most importantly, as citizens.”

Philip Freeburg spoke on leadership, concluding with a word of advice: “Though our time here at this school is short, I can think of no better place to forge us into well-rounded men who will thrive as leaders when we are needed. We are all capable of leadership, but when the moment comes, we must be ready. Earn your leadership, every day.”

Character was the subject of Daniel Tancredi’s address. “Character is a critically important part of what makes each of us unique. It’s what defines who we are, how we act, and what we choose to stand for,” he said. “It cannot be assigned to someone else … Good character cannot be bought or sold; only developed. There is no short cut; it requires conscious effort and purpose with internal strength to stand up for what you believe.”

Finally, Grayson Lee spoke on the subject of service: “Service isn’t something we do to feel good about ourselves and inflate our egos. It isn’t something we do to pad our résumés. Service isn’t waking up early on a Saturday morning to volunteer at a homeless shelter because that somehow makes you a better person. It is something much greater than that. It is something we do because we have a duty to help others. We who have been given so much have a duty to help our neighbors who have so little.”

The ceremony continued with the tapping of new members and the presentation of certificates, while family members watched their sons receive their honors. Haguewood concluded the ceremony by commending the inductees and inviting them to a reception in their honor.

To see photos from the ceremony and reception, click HERE.

 2016 National Honor Society Inductees

Class of 2017

Edward Webster Austin

Christian Michael Berry

Jack Hutchison Crosby

Philip Edward Deaton

Justis Jefferson Brooks Eikner

Kian Ghodoussi

Kobe Alexander Gibson

Marcus Aaron Gronauer

Davis Makoto Harano

Grady Michael Hecht

Henry Sawtelle Holmes

Andrew Ogden Hopkins

Alexander Joseph Hyde

Joshua Scott Karchmer

Parker Leonard Kaye

Cade Fielder Klawinski

James Harris Lindy

Ravi Alexander Lipman

John Marshall McBride

John Hamilton McCaghren

Rahul Mehra

Jacob Louis Meskin

Chaitanya Sanjay Mishra

Ryan Thomas Pahlow

Mayur Deepak Patil

Roshan Aneesh Ram

JuanJose Angel Rodriguez

William Robert Schneider

Sloan Weller Schneiter

Matthew Gordon Silver

Evan Beck Smith

Ramiz Ali Somjee

Jacob Daniel Suppiah

Henry Ellis Trammell

Rosendo Josue Vela

Thomas Lowell Wells

Luke Denton Wilfong

Louis Edward Wittenberg III

James Alexander Wolf

Ray Zhou

2016 National Honor Society Inductees

Class of 2016

Joshua Brian Benton

Norman Beck Blake

Carter Wayne Coleman

Nicolas Kyle Lam

Jalen Michael Friendly

Robert Austin Lacy

Winferd Elwood Medlock IV

John Allen Richman

Andres Eduardo Salas

Theodore Elliot Wayt

National Honor Society Members Previously Inducted

Class of 2016

Reed Taylor Barnes

Samuel Edwin Bartz

Chandler Mims Clayton

Keltner Tucker Colerick

William Forester Colerick

David William Dabov

Matthew Stuart Davidoff

Jackson McGavock Dickinson

Nathan Ngoc-Lam Dinh

William Thomas Fesmire

Thomas Keller Fowlkes

Philip Hayden Freeburg, Jr.

Matthew Peter Fuess

Owen Thomas Galvin

Austin Lawrence Hord

Henry Carr Keel

Matthew Thomas Kruczek

Grayson Andrew Lee

Eric Fidel Makapugay

Alexander Victor Mansour

Andrew Allan McArtor, Jr.

William Neal McAtee, Jr.

Saatvik Mohan

Thomas McMurray Morrison

Loyal Patrick Murphy

Walter Patton Orr

Jackson Page Pacheco

William Power Rantzow

Russell William Sands

Zachary David Shulkin

Bilal Sohail Siddiq

Henry Thomas Stratton III

Daniel Laurence Tancredi

Colin Marshall Threlkeld

Connor Austin Whitson




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