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Gratitude … That Might Have Been

November 22, 2013

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Editor’s Note: Mr. Norman Thompson, instructor in English for 42 years, shared his reflections on gratitude with students and faculty in chapel on November 20. His wisdom and eloquence so resonated with us that we were compelled to share this bounty with you.  by Mr. Norman Thompson As once again the seasons of the year […]

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Straight From the Top: ‘May the fathers he finds … have a care of him’

November 1, 2013


by Mr. Lin Askew, English instructor Celebrating my grandson’s first birthday this spring has spurred me to think about generations. William’s blue eyes and chubby cheeks, so like his daddy’s, send me hurtling back 30-some years, years spent at MUS, as I started here in August 1979 after Will was born in May. Generations of […]

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